Maritime Grease Solutions

If you wish to resolve, on a long-term basis, all problems that might occur due to usage and corrosion, now you can thanks to a great selection of optimized marine grease solutions.


Anywhere where friction occurs in mechanical systems, the usage and corrosion can hinder your production process and cause damage to your devices. But you can solve this problem with high quality marine grease.


If you manage to achieve optimal lubrication through marine grease, this will help and maintain your marine vessels, equipment and production in good condition and up-and-running non-stop.

Marine grease solutions in few words

  • These are excellent solutions for mechanical friction. They provide an efficient and durable protection against usage, corrosion and risks associated with external factors.
  • A proven experience for every individual need. The application of our special marine grease solutions apply to valves and fittings, bearings and slide bearings, gears, plastics, contacts, pneumatic components and many more.
  • Marine grease solutions are ideal for machines exposed to bad weather
  • They are particularly recommended for a proper lubrication of bearings (even heavily loaded), of hinges, of springs, tools, slides and chains
  • Marine grease solutions are well-known and renowned for long-lasting action and they are resistant to water and vapor
  • Marine grease solutions reduce considerably the friction between metallic elements and plastic ones and protect machines and equipment from corrosion
  • Odorless and insensitive to detergents

What are Marine grease solutions?

These solutions are ideal for machines that are constantly exposed to the sea and to harsh weather conditions. Their effect and duration is long-lasting and are usually applied for companies and solutions where efficiency is paramount. Not a single company desires to put its businesses on hold due to a lubrication issue. This saves time and money and if proper marine grease solutions are applied business can resume very fast.


Furthermore, marine grease solutions are resistant to water and to vapor and also odorless and insensitive to detergents. This is the ideal lubricating solution for machines, devices and vessels that are exposed all the time to bad weather. They reduce considerably the friction that might take place between metallic and plastic components while protecting, at the same time, from corrosion.


There are certain marine grease solutions that are proposed in the form of aerosol or spray for an easy application thus making them useful and practical for many different sectors. They do not dry out and protect from dust and many extreme weather conditions.


Some marine grease solutions can be used within a temperature range going from -10 to 150 degrees Celsius while some are resistant to shearing and are invariable while in contact with fresh water or sea water, detergents, alkaline or acid solutions.


Marine grease solutions pose no danger to brackets and gaskets as well as to supports and joints made out of neoprene, nylon, silicone and rubber. 


Certainly speaking, no matter your needs and your requirements, you will definitely find a marine grease solution that will definitely work for you.

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